Using Cedar and Slate Roofing in the New Construction

There are some roofs that are better than others. Slate is an ideal choice because of its style and longevity. Due to the energy efficiency properties, it prevents excessive heat loss during the winter. Cedar is ideal because it is made of wood that gives a natural look. The sole maintenance task is to clean off the debris. Both materials are strong and long lasting even through the harshest weather conditions. Learn why cedar and slate roofing materials are good for everyday use.

Slate Roof. Slate is an underground-forming rock that comes in different colors, textures and mineral composition. A slate roof is a colorful and unique collection of shingles. Fading slates change in appearance by fading after being exposed to the elements. Non-fading slates do not change after exposure.

Slate has a low water retention rate that expands the roof lifespan. When the material is cared for carefully, it lasts for hundreds of years. Due to the minimal water absorption, the slate roof resists cracks caused by freezing. Also, slate is resistant to fire and excessive heat. To increase the durability, installers use sealants and proper tile sizes. They can slice the slate tiles into a variety of different sizes.

Cedar roof have been constructed for hundreds of years in the U.S. Cedar shingles are made in different colors, textures and patterns. The materials are ideal for homeowners who want natural or traditional looks. Some people think that wood is not water-resistant, but that is untrue. Stained shingles are made to resist excessive rain, sunlight and other weather conditions. With good maintenance, wood shingles maintain a good look for the home. You must clean and refinish wood in order to maintain the appeal. Wood cleaner is a good product to use depending on its concentration level. Apply the right number of layers to provide enough moisture for the cedar.

Cedar and slate roofing looks good on any home without requiring a lot of maintenance. All types of roofs are affected by common hazards like floods, falling debris and hurricane-style winds. Fortunately, slate and cedar are strong enough to resist the damages caused by natural elements. As a cautious homeowner, do your part to maintain the roof every few years. If you find a problem, contact the right repair professional right away. If you want long-lasting results from the start, install the right type of slate or cedar roof.

Article written by Natalie

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