A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Bikes

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Thanks to the introduction of electric bikes, riders can now get further than they could before. Compared to standard bikes, riding an e-bike requires less energy. As a result, many people have turned to e-bikes as their primary mode of transport. Since it is considered a viable means of transportation, the electric bike sector is currently one of the fastest growing categories in the cycling industry.

Getting started
Since electric bikes are currently available in an array of models, styles, and prices, buying one might prove difficult. However, purchasing an e-bike does not have to be challenging. Choosing the most suitable option requires some basic knowledge.

When selecting this type of bike, make sure your choice is not only appealing to the eye and comfortable, but capable of supporting your riding style and its intended purpose as well. To ensure you opt for the best fit according to your cycling needs, here is a detailed look at the types of electric bikes currently available.

Electric mountain bikes: While mountain bikes are generally designed for off-road use, a variety of electric mountain bikes are currently available, many of which are ideal for light off-road use. On top of front suspension forks and tread tires, this type of e-bike features a more upright riding position, stronger wheels, a sportier appearance, and more durable frames. You can end up with a great all-rounder if you simply add a set of lights and a rear rack. Visit Scooteretti to learn more information.

Electric fat bikes: Apart from being named after its wide tires, this type is designed for challenging terrains such as sand, snow, and hilly routes. The 4-inch tires make riding through difficult courses a lot easier. Electric fat bikes are therefore ideal for the adventurous souls looking to ride through obstacles. This type of e-bike allows riders to reduce the tire pressure, making a smooth ride possible even on rough terrain.

Urban or electric hybrid bikes: As a halfway model, this type features a combination of characteristics. Electric hybrid bikes are fast, comfortable, efficient, and easy to maneuver. As such, electric hybrid bikes are considered the most suitable choice for most riders, particularly if you are looking to replace car trips. Urban bikes are currently available in two models, the step-over, and step-through frame models.

Electric folding bikes: Thanks to technological advancements, this type of electric bike is now available in a variety of designs. As a result, electric folding bikes are quite popular. Most users prefer electric folding bikes because of their functional properties and ease of storage.

Cargo electric bikes: Designed to offer an alternative to cars, this type of electric bike is more popular in Europe. Despite the similarities between a cargo and a regular bike, cargo bikes are a lot stronger and feature a longer rear rack, hence capable of supporting 120kgs and the rider.

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